Thursday, 8 September 2016


            Using lip balm is an important part of keeping your lips healthy. It's true that only soft and smooth lips could be pretty and adorable. And to get that use lip balm twice a day, after a bath and before going to bed. In the morning as you have  stepped out of your home, the wind , sun , pollution suck out the moisture of your lips, resulting in damaged , cracked and chapped lips. So in order to protect your lips from all these environmental hazards, apply a good lip balm before going out of your home.  Include a lip balm in your night beauty ritual to give your lips nourishment. Now you must be thinking of buying one. Before getting into a store, once give a look here. 



Those who are regular visitors of my blog may know that I am die hard fan of natural, organic and cruelty-free products. Whenever I buy any beauty and make-up products, go for some natural. So, one day I was in a mood to buy some makeup products and discovered an amazing page on Instagram. This superb page is @organic_homemade_makeup . They manufacture natural homemade and skin friendly beauty products. And as I saw them, I immediately jumped into the DM to order some , one of which is a lip balm. Now let me tell you about my experiences about it so that you can get an idea and buy it.


The lip balm comes in a tiny transparent plastic jar with a screw cap. It has a dark brown colour with golden undertone.



The lip balm has a light non-greasy  gel like texture with nanogranules which soothes the lips, leaves them soft and hydrated and gently removes dead skin cells, adding a unique gloss. It's free from harmful chemicals and fragrance-free. So the beauties with super sensitive skin need not worry about using it. The texture is smooth and feels very natural.


It's not very costly also . You can get it only for INR 145.


No ingredients list can be found on the package.


I always use lip balm twice daily , in the morning as a lip scrub to wipe off dead cells to make my lips ready for my matte lipsticks and at night apply a thick layer and go to bed. In the morning, I apply a thin layer and rub with very soft hand only for few seconds, otherwise, the delicate skin of lips will get damaged and will lead to soreness and inflammations. The granules are not at all coarse and very little amount of the product is needed. I wash it off . This I do for twice a week only. Rest of the days I use it only as a balm. As I apply it, the balm provides instant relief for my dry lips. It stays on for quite a long time. It doesn't melt away easily and at the same time, I don't feel heavy on my lips. After one week of using , I can feel my lips amazingly soft and plump and all the dry peels got scrubbed away. It removes all impurities, improving the blood circulation. And as a result, I am too happy, seeing my pigmented lips getting pink gradually .


I am giving this amazing stuff 4.5/5. As I use it totally unaware of the ingredients. Though I think the ingredients must be very good ones as it doesn't show any sensitivity on my super sensitive lips and the feeling is quite natural.

Do you want to know I am going to repurchase or not?  Yeah, I must repurchase it as I will finish this and I have become a lifetime buyer of the wonderful stuff. And I strongly recommend you to visit the page on Instagram and order . And the person behind the store is also very nice. She is always there for you to reply any of your queries. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab it and start using and share your experiences here in the comment section.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


What I have written above, they are all my own personal views only. I haven't made any comment under any pressure. All the pictures are taken by me, no one is allowed to use them,  without my permission.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A Review : Brihans Green Leaf Foot Care Cream With Aloe Vera


               We always take care of our skin and hair honestly, but the most important part of our body, the feet are neglected the most. We all tend to take our feet for granted. Proper footcare is important for everyone, not because they look nicer, but it will make you physically and emotionally healthy. With the proper care you will get rid of many problems, such as Cracked Heels, Dry Skin, Athletes foot and it will also prevent aching and fatigue to your feet. You don't need an expensive spa treatment to take care of your feet. Spending a few minutes a day on footcare and choosing the right shoes can keep you free from all those problems. Wash your feet everyday with warm water or you can go for a foot bath by soaking your feet in warm water, mixed with any liquid soap. Scrubbing once in a week is also effective for removing dead cells . But the most important part of the footcare is to moisturise your feet twice daily with a good foot cream . Before buying a footcream, you should ensure that the cream should contain the ingredients those help the healing process for dry and cracked feet and add deep hydration and nourishment to the feet to give you relief. Recently, I have come across one such a foot cream , sent to me by Brihans Natural Products Ltd.  It's green leaf foot cream with aloe vera gel and kokum butter as its key ingredients. Let me share you my experiences about the cream so that you can have a clear idea about what to buy and why.




As we know that Brihans Natural Products Ltd aim at replacing the chemical active ingredients , used in many skincare and haircare products with 100% natural active ingredients to give their consumers naturally beautiful and healthy skin and hair. Green Leaf Foot Care Cream also contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and kokum butter which are known for their healing and moisurising properties on dry and damaged skin. As the brand claims that this foot cream rehydrates skin , removes the dead tissues and repairs the basal skin layer , and even guards against excessive itching and inflammations. Aloe Vera repairs the cracked heels, protects feet from fungus infection, sooths the sore feet and removes odour. Where kokum butter promotes regeneration of the skin, heals fissures on the feet , helps nail growth, moisturises cuticles and makes the feet soft.


Aloe vera extract, Tea-tree-oil, Kokum butter.



The product has come in a white round shaped plastic tub that gives it a smart and cute look. The white cream is thick textured, but not sticky or greasy. You can apply it very easily and right after the application it is absorbed into the skin. Green Leaf Foot Care Cream has a gentle and sweet flowery smell which is very refreshing.


Before applying the foot cream, you must clean your feet with lukewarm water , because dirty feet can cause serious infections. Pat dry. Now apply sufficient quantity twice daily , immediately after bath and before going to bed. You can use it as foot massage cream, if you go pedicure at home.


The 50 gms tub costs 80 rupees. I must say it's really cheap.



If you ask me how I feel, my answer is the cream is simply superb. I apply it twice daily and have been using it for about one month. The skin of my feet was too dry . It has now become soft and smooth and I feel the hydration the whole day. Honestly speaking, I don't have cracks on my feet. So I can't say how it will work on them. But as the foot cream has softened my skin, I can understand that it will also be benefitted to the cracked heels.  I will repurchase it after finishing this one  and strongly recommend you to buy the green leaf foot cream. To buy go to :
                            Shopping India Times

BY RATING : I'll give Brihans green leaf foot cream 5/5 stars , as I haven't seen any con in it.


Till then bye friends. Stay tuned for next reviews. Happy shopping. 💕💖

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


All the comments I have made above ,  are solely my own personal views , no pressure is there on me to write the article. The pictures I have used here taken by me , no one can use it without my permission.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Revive Your Mind And Spirit With The Nature's Co Geranium and Palmarosa Harmony Essential oil

 Essential oils have profound effects on our body, mind and emotions. They lift or relax our mind, soothe our emotions, relieve tension and improve concentration. If the essential oils are used in diffusers they can maximize all these benefits as the diffusers can distribute the essential oil molecules in the air more effectively. Creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. One such diffuser oil, 'Geranium and Palmarosa Harmony essential oil' has been sent by The Nature's Co to write a review on it.


Before stepping into the review I want to say some words about the brand. The Nature's Co is known for using the best natural ingredients from across the globe. All their products are absolutely environment-friendly, vegan-friendly and certified by PETA as cruelty-free.


Geranium and Palmarosa Harmony essential oil :

  Geranium oil and Palmarosa oil seem to complement each other if they are blended in a proper way, leaving you with a relaxed feeling and creating a perfect harmony in the atmosphere. Geranium oil has a light floral fragrance that revives the senses, maintains emotional balance, may relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression or insecurity can be seen especially in the middle-aged women. On the other hand Palmarosa oil with its gentle and mild lemony rose fragrance calms and uplifts mind and mood, releases anger, provides comfort and support for feminine cycles. It also can offer to relieve from the feeling of insecurity, grief or defensiveness.

Price: This 10-ml container costs INR 495.

How To Use :

The brand advises to add 5 drops of oil with two teaspoons of water to the oil burner and let it diffuse. But more or less can be added according to the fragrance desired. But I can share you some other effective uses. They are :-

1. Add 7 to 8 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil (I used Grapeseed oil) to bath water, to promote balance and enhance relaxation.

2. Add 2-3 drops to the warm water to take a foot bath. This removes fatigue, tension and provides rest to the tired feet, promoting a deep sleep at night.

3. Add 2-3 drops with 1 teaspoon water or with any other essential oil (I used Lavender oil) and inhale directly to reduce stress and to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Or you can use it as a perfume to get the whole day relaxation and refreshment.

4. Add it to your body massage oil (I used Sweet Almond oil) to get relieved mood and emotions.

My Experiences :

I can feel now your eager ears to know my experiences after using the oil in all these ways. I used the oil in my diffuser, put a dim light on and started meditation, with a soft music being played on my sound system. And the result was amazing. I saw myself with a relaxed and de-stressed mind and spirit and an 8-hourly deep sleep. I have been using the oil as a perfume since I have received it and I have been seeing myself working with full potential. As I took bath mixing with my bath water I got a really wonderful result. In short, this oil is really worth buying and shows results as the brand claims. I must repurchase for my healthy living and strongly recommend you to buy it.

BY Rating : I'll give 5/5 stars, as I did not feel any negative point in it.



Special Note:

When you use the essential oil on your body, please do a patch test before using. The diffuser essential oils being extremely potent could cause sensitivity to someone.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 : Ultimate Destination for Ethnic Designer Wear

           Clothing is a perfect way to express a woman's unique personality and style. A right look can help her shine inside and out. Finding the most fashionable and well fitted attire make her shopping a chore and her pleasure gets hiked if she gets complementary accessories at the same place. is such a place where a woman can cherish her shopping at its best. It is a platform that predominantly dedicated to Indian Ethnic Wear, Western wear and the fashion accessories with which a fashionista would like to complement her fashion statement. 
The Logo                 

The Brand, : 
The mission of the brand is to bridge the gap between a common person and fashion with an array of trendy products ranging from clothing to footwear, accessories and many more. In their mission they offer a huge range of designer and trendy clothings like sarees, lehengas, salwar suits, kurtis with some classy accessories. They derive their collections directly from the best of manufacturing brands and units to recreate the latest fashionable look. If you are confused about the latest fashion you can take the help of an in-house fashion team who works day and night to keep you updated about the fashion world and their changing aspects through the platforms like LookBook and FashionEdits. You can then upgrade your fashion quotient and can groom yourself easily and effectively.
The Store :
As you look into their website instantly you will be amazed by their collections and discounts they are offering for the products. The website is easily accessible too. As you click the home button all the contents will be present in front of you and you can choose from them as per your choice and demand. You can also download the app from Google Play Store in your mobile to make your shopping more easy and convenient. It has easy payment options too through credit-card/debit-card/netbanking. You can opt for cash-on-delivery too. Immediately after the confirmation of your order they start processing the shipment. If you are not satisfied with the product, the store will accept the replacement within 15-days of delivery date. Click here to visit the store.
Here I’m going to share some best sellers from the store, which I think you will also like.  

Best selling sarees :

Indian women are great fan of this six yeards outfit. It is a glorious expression of Indian uniqueness and ancient culture. Their shopping may not be completed without buying a saree. So here are some best selling sarees for the gorgious Indian women. Best selling sarees

Best selling suits : 

Indian women also love their another traditional clothing like Salwar suit. it brings out the best in them and no doubt they look beautiful in it. has accumulated the best of salwar suits on their store. Best selling suits

Best selling kurtis :

Now a days a wardrobe of a Indian woman is not complete without Kurtis. They include designer kurtis or Anarkali kurtis, Indo-Western kurtis and many more. So if you want to buy kurtis you can click on the link.. Best selling kurtis

Best selling lehengas :

Now one of the most popular traditional-wear for young girls in India is Lehenga. It has become a popular wedding dress also. offers a variety of stunning and designer lehengas. Best selling lehengas 

Types of Dupatta Drapes Over Bridal Lehengas That Are Worth A Try
Bridal sarees, designer lehengas, Indo-Western suits or any type of Ethnic Wear looks so simple without unique dupatta drape. Single twist in the style of draping dupatta can actually turn out your looks exemplifying. Roll down your eyes abit and get here dozens of ideas of draping dupatta. Each and every one is unique from the other. From every startling rampwalks of fashion shows we have selected these few dupatta trends of designer lehengas which will force you to ogle at them in a great greedy manner. The most interesting and offbit ideas are here from the Couture Week 2016 collection. Try them all one by one on different occasions and events. 
 When You Don’t Need A Dupatta 
A cape is just enough when you are little fed up with the hassle of dupattas. They slip down, don't stay at their specified space and need a lot more management. Still this idea from Jacqueline Fernandez and go for Cape style dupattas this season. Bridal lehengas can be crafted with this style and no one will blame your dupatta of being unmanageable.  
Ditch Duppata And Adore Sleeves
You hate of placing anything around your bust line. Here is the solution when you are a bride and rituals cost you your freedom of choice. Ask your tailor to go for sleeves-style dupatta which will be an addition on to the fall and looks really pretty on velvet fabric.  
 Follow Different Styles Of Draping Dupattas
 Folding round throughout your neckline isn’t that bad as you feel. Make sure while adapting this style that your dupatta should have a sparkling border work to flaunt.  
Try an online designer lehenga with belted dupatta. Sounds interesting and quirky? Yes, it is! Pin up the ends of your dupatta and take it in your traditional way and then put on an embellished belt across the waist, tucking in your dupatta.
You can ask your tailor to stitch your dupatta with the blouse of your online lehenga or play with it as a cape or poncho like this one.
Drape it like the pallu of designer saree and no one will get to know about your lavish lehenga.
Hey pretty bride, you don’t want to look just as it is!? Obviously not! Better you take your dupatta cover your head in a super contemporary style while respecting the rituals like this one. Just add on an embellished belt after tucking in your dupatta in that belt.
And what about covering your head on single side only and then tick it up into your designer ethnic belt. 
Tags: #designerlehengas, #onlinelehenga, #bridallehengas
What do you think friends ? Have you been impressed ? I can see you rushing to the store to grab them all ASAP. I would like to hear from you as you buy any stuff there. Till then bye ! Happy shopping :-)
Special note:-
What I have written above are exclusively my own opinion. No one has forced me to write them all.
Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Review : Organic Therapie Under Eye Cream

                 Clear glowing skin is a dream for everyone . No one likes pimples, black spots , baggy eyes, under eye dark circles. Of all these most annoying one is dark circles under eyes what makes you look much older than you are and look unhealthy or ill. This lowers down the self esteem in many. Stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet , lack of regular exercise, smoking or drinking, less water intake or some health related issues may cause the under eye dark circles. If you introduce little changes in your lifestyle you can, with time, reduce the visibility of bags or dark circles or crow's feet under your eyes. So bring some significant changes in your daily routine, like adequate sleep, regular workouts, giving up smoking or drinking, increasing water intake, reducing salt intake, adding more vitamins like K, A , C , avoiding sleeping with your makeup on etc. I don't say it will show instant results, but will show considerable changes in the looks of your eyes. And with it introduce a good under eye cream in your daily beauty regimen. These eye creams contain some ingredients to target to those specific concerns around your eyes. But it maybe tricky to choose a good eye cream. So before visiting a store once  read this article and then decide. Then , let me give you some idea about a nice under eye cream Organic Therapie Under Eye Cream
        Organic Therapie Under Eye Cream 

The Brand Organic Therapie :

Before getting into the product, I want to tell you about the brand Organic Therapie. It is a revolutionary line of natural extracts based health and beauty products. All of the products are created with handpicked ingredients to give us the best that nature has to offer. Their mission is to 'help men and women around the world, look beautiful and feel healthy everyday and thereby improve their happiness quotient.

       The Logo 

About The Product :

The brand claims that this aroma oils based product is enriched with potato extract. As we all know that potato extract is very effective in reducing under eye sagging, puffiness and dark circles. It is enhanced with vitamin K and Pro-retinol to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and increase the firmness around the eye area while  delaying crow line wrinkles. At the same time it hydrates and protects the delicate area around eyes leaving the skin firm and tight. If one uses regularly, the eye cream will visibly minimizes under eye dark circles.

The Key Ingredients :

Carica Papaya Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Extract , Sugandhit Dravya , Emblica Officinalis, Mineral Oil , Citrus Limonum , Apricot oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E , Vitamin C, Beeswax, Deminaralized Water 

Packaging :

The under eye cream comes in a white round shaped plastic tub that gives it a smart , soft look. The cream is thick textured, but after applying it doesn't leave any chalky substance. It can be applied smoothly and easily penetrated into the skin.


The tub contains 50 gms of product . It costs 249 INR. So the cream is not at all  expensive in comparison to its benefits.

How To Use :

Eye creams should always be used twice a day. In the morning after cleansing and toning and at night before going to bed. But what is important, how to apply it. If you put a cream wrongly, it will not work properly. First take a pea-sized amount, apply some dots around your eyes. Don't apply just below the lower lid and on top lid. It's better to put on all the way around your orbital socket, the bone surrounds your eyes. You can feel its circular shape. Now gently tap in the cream using your ring finger. Do not rub , as it will tear your delicate skin.

My Experiences About The Cream :

I have been using it for quite some time. I like most about it is its thick but not greasy texture. It doesn't leave any chalky substance also. As I  put it on, it easily melts and get into my skin. Its key ingredients like vitamins K , A and C are famous for hydrating the skin and preventing under eye puffiness and the signs of ageing like crow's feet etc. Honestly speaking, I don't have all these issues, so I can't say how much it will work for puffiness and crow's feet. But when there's the question of hydration, yes I feel hydrated for hours after applying it. I felt some dryness on my under eye area, as I started using it now I see my dryness has just vanished. As it has some essential oils as the ingredients, the under eye cream really has softened and soothed my under eye area. Beeswax is a very powerful ingredient in an eye cream. It retains the natural moisture, sooths, calms, protects the skin from outside elements. So does this eye cream. And what I want to mention here specially that I was worried about my under eye dark circles before. But they are gradually reducing now. And it has made me quite happy. So overall it's really a useful under eye cream and it's worth buying. Yes I must repurchase it and recommending you to buy . And it's not at all expensive.

BY rating :

5/5. Because I didn't any con in it.

Are you using any under eye cream? Please tell me about the product. And if you have any queries, feel free to ask me.

Please note :

All my views are my own personal statement. Not written under any pressure.

Thanks for reading my dear friends. See you soon. Bye 😍💖

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Review : Brihans Green Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel

        These days I find myself like aloe vera addict. Aloe Vera, the blessing of nature, works miraculously for all types of skin. From healing to enhancing, aloe vera works like a wonder. It prevents wrinkles, lightens blemishes, suntans, maintains skin's natural pH balance, reduces acne and heals minor burns cuts , wounds. It is heard that Cleopetra herself used to consider it in her beauty treatment. You can use aloe vera either externally on your skin or hair , or can drink aloe vera juice to keep yourself healthy. This is the reason why many skincare brands use aloe vera gel in their skincare products. Such a skincare product is Green Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel from Brihans Natural.


Here , I am going to share some words about this excellent face gel. But before that I wish to let you know about the brand Brihans Natural Products Ltd  who has brought such a product to us. 

Brihans Natural Products Ltd has established new standards for making 100% natural products in the most modern way. Their products are formulated with natural active ingredients like aloe vera, turmeric, tea-tree-oil etc. , giving their consumers naturally beautiful and healthy skin and hair. So it has become obvious that their product green leaf pure aloe vera skin gel must be a natural one with natural active ingredient . And the main ingredient is 90 % aloe vera which means that the skin gel is almost the plant itself.

The gel comes in a fat , pitcher shaped , transparent , plastic tub with a white screwed lid. The gel looks light neon green when looking through the tub. As you take out in your hand, it's transparent and clear . It has a sweet smell that doesn't irritate the sensitive nose of mine. 

The product is much inexpensive too. It costs 100 INR for 120 gms. 

Now, listen what the brand says about the green leaf pure aloe vera skin gel. They recommend it to use regularly to make the skin supple and rejuvenated , as it reduces roughness and amount of peeling of the skin. The gel gives a cooling and soothing effect, helps cure sunburn, and rashes of the skin. It regenerates new tissues as it promotes healthy cell division and also heals minor cuts , wounds and burns. In case of the acne, not only reduces the inflammations, but takes care of any damage caused. As it's a gel, doesn't clog pores and retains moisture in the skin. 

Let me share now, how I am feeling after using Brihans green leaf pure aloe vera skin gel. Two weeks back Brihans sent me the gel to review it. Then onwards I have been using it twice daily, in the morning as the day moisturiser under my sunscreen lotion and and in the evening as night cream. When I got it i was bit worried about my skin . My skin combination one and in hot and humid weather it acts as an oily skin giving acne , redness, rashes etc. My face also was getting pale . But now I am really amazed by seeing the effects of the gel on my face. Firstly, my acnes are vanished and I  don't see any breakouts on my face as I used to before started using it. It has brightened my face and added a clear glow on my face. I use the gel after cleansing and toning, and as I apply it , I feel refreshed and relaxed and I feel a cooling impact on my face that I never experience before with any . I feel hydrated the whole day and night too. Here i want to remind you that don't use it alone at daytime, must apply a sunscreen lotion over it as the gel has no spf. Another effective use of the gel is after the waxing done. After waxing many of you may experience some infections, rashes, red bumps or itching. Here the gel works. It calms the skin and also heals other hazards . You can use it as the makeup base , as me , to protect your skin from harsh chemicals of the makeup products. So what do you think? Is it not a multitasking stuff? I think so dear beauties . That's why I am going to repurchase it as I  will finish this and I advise you to buy once and you will never wish to loose it. But you may be thinking where you are going to purchase. Yes they are here. 

So , are you buying  Brihans green leaf pure aloe vera skin gel?  As you buy please share your experience here on the comment section.  And  stay tuned for more reviews. Till then bye friends. 

#facegel, #indianblogger, #beautyblogger #skincare #aloevera. 

Please note : 

What I have written above, fully my own views. No one has forced me to write this way.  All the pictures are my own.  No one can use it without my permission. The brand logo I have downloaded from the brand website. 

Shreemayee chattopadhyay