Sunday, 7 August 2016

Review of Brihans green leaf aloe face wash gel with turmeric and tea tree oil

Hey Beauties,
                       I'm sure during this monsoon season you're suffering from daily breakouts, as I am. You may have gone for this and that creams, face wash or home remedies those containing aloe vera gel and tea tree oil. But I say that all your searches have come to an end now.  As here's something for you to look at. I have found a really good face wash ,that's green leaf aloe face wash gel with turmeric and tea tree oil, Brihans naturalproductsltd.
Brihans naturalproductsltd is a brand , maybe not so old , established in 2000, that keeps new standards for making 100% natural products in the most modern way. They have brought in the market the products, formulated with natural active ingredients like aloe vera gel, turmeric extract, tea-tree-oil , kokum butter, cucumber, almond and many more. These are very much safer for our skin and hair. 

Now I am going to share my experiences about the product. The green leaf aloe face wash gel with turmeric and tea tree oil is a soap free face wash gel with tiny ISO-diametric beads , that exfoliates the dead cells, giving  radiant glow to the  skin. 
Look at the pic, the beads are so tiny , they don't harm to the skin. Take a little amount of the gel, massage with you  a very soft hand, then wash it off . I've been  using it for seven days. I see that the gel cleans my face thoroughly giving a fresh look. As the main ingredients are aloe vera gel and turmeric extract, and tea tree oil, it reduces the oiliness, by keeping acnes away and it helps to heal the acne scars.Honestly my breakouts are reducing. I know it will take time.  At the same time Brihans face wash gel maintains the skin's moisture and doesn't make it dry. One can feel hydrated the whole day. That's why I shall recommend the gel for dry skin beauties also. The brand also recommends it for all skin types. 
Aloe vera and turmeric both lighten the blemishes and suntan. As turmeric is itself and exfoliator, it evens out the skin tone and lightens the stretch marks. This is the reason why many skincare brands use turmeric as active ingredient of their skincare products. This is not very pricy too. You have to spend only 100 rupees for this 120 gms tub. 

But a question must be coming in your mind that there is any con or not. Yeah only thing I don't like to Brihans green leaf aloe face wash gel that's it's packaging. It's not at all hygienic. Because when one opens the cap of the tub the whole thing is exposed to the polluted air. So to make it hygienic, it should be come in a tube with flip cap. That will be travel friendly too

It's really an amazing product. I shall use it everyday to get clear, fresh and glowing face. I also recommend my friends to buy it and see the difference on your skin. But where to buy? You can buy it  online  , on the  sites of 

Flipcart, and 

BY rating is :4/5. Sorry  Brihans naturalproductsltd I can't give 5 due to the packaging only. Otherwise the product is awesome. 

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More reviews are coming. Till then bye. 

Love from Shreemayee 😊💖